Coach Accreditation

Link to Register for Coach Accreditation (All levels)

Level 1 - Entry Level & Aussie TBall

Level 2 - Little League Minors (Rookie Ball)

Level 3 - Little League Majors to Seniors (Little League through to Senior Baseball)

Level 4 - Regional Team Manager, State and National Coach

Umpire Accreditation

Regular accreditation procedure:

1. Complete free online course before attending umpiring seminar.  Print out online course results and take to seminar.

Introductory Level Officiating General Principles


2. Book into an available QBUA seminar (check QBUA website):


Community Level 0 (green shirt) - umpire all junior and senior grades up to C Grade:  Seminars held on different dates before & during the season at nominated clubs.  Approx. 2-3 hrs $100 (includes shirt).


The course covers:

* 2hr baseball specific on-field training on:

o Rules

Practical knowledge, comprehension and application of rules to acquaint umpires with the reasons for

rules, the means of defining and communicating them and to develop a spirit in the application of rules

that raises the conduct, enjoyment and spectacle of Baseball.

o Positioning Mechanics.

To familiarise umpires with the needs for, values of and correct mechanics to place an umpire in the best

position to exercise a judgement or decision.

o SignallingMechanics.

To establish correct signal techniques and consistent knowledge of the reasons for same.

*Little League Specifics for accreditation.

* Written exam

Level 0 Manual



Association Level 1 (yellow shirt) - umpire all junior and senior grades: Seminars held approx. once a year prior to season at nominated club.  Approx 2 full days $120 (includes shirt).

Level 1 Manual


The club will reimburse members/players/parents who will volunteer their time to umpire for our games.

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